Introducing e-WorkSAFE

e-WorkSAFE is a mobile app and cloud platform that keeps electrical workers safe and keeps organizations compliant.

Risk Management & Electrical Safety

Electrical safety incidents can trigger 4 types of risk:

  1. Compliance
  2. Financial
  3. Reputational
  4. Operational

Unlike natural disasters, electrical safety can be largely controlled since there are proactive actions that management can take to improve safety and reduce risk. Many companies are implementing proven, low-cost technologies such as the e-WorkSAFE mobile app to mitigate risk and deliver quick returns to the business. 

The Perfect Storm for Electrical Safety

Organizations are facing a perfect storm when it comes to electrical safety due to 3 factors:

  1. Budget Constraints
  2. Retiring Electricians
  3. Skilled Trade Shortage

The result will be:

  1. Inefficiency – for your department – as every task takes longer when the staff electrician or contractor needs to spend more time finding whatever information they can about the equipment
  2. Reduced Reliability – for your operations – since the lack of information and experience means longer outages and more downtime
  3. Greater Safety Risk – for staff and contractors – due to missing or incorrect information about critical items like lockout points and arc flash

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