End-to-End Workplace Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety:  Simple, Digitized

e-WorkSAFE is a mobile app and cloud platform that keeps staff and contractors safe and keeps organizations compliant.

e-WorkSAFE puts Workplace Electrical Safety Standards into action on every task. Upgrade your manual or non-existent safety processes with a real-time, digital solution.

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Benefits of e-WorkSAFE


  • Increase staff & contractor safety by following standard safety principles on all tasks
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Mitigate risk & ensure compliance with electrical safety regulations
  • Be audit-ready with a digital repository of all Job Safety Plans
  • Increased efficiency and productivity with in-app workflow


  • Retain critical knowledge before your mature electricians retire
  • Manage knowledge transfer to prepare for the skilled trade shortage
  • Easily maintain accurate information about your electrical assets


Did You Know…Safety is Good for Business?

On average, the cost savings from preventing a nonfatal electrical contact injury are: 

$113,000 CAD

Source: OSHA 2014


Proven, Reliable Technology

The e-WorkSAFE app combines modern technology with reliability. No matter where you are, access our tools and database.


Designed for Electrical Safety

Our solution was originally developed by the Electrical Safety Authority – Canada’s leading electrical safety regulatory body.


Configured To Your Needs

Implement CSA Z462 based electrical Job Safety Plans configured to your specific sites, equipment and tasks.


Electrical Safety is “Different”

Unlike other industrial activities, electrical hazards are mostly invisible, inaudible and often caused by an interplay of factors. As such, they deserve special attention in the form of a dedicated application purpose-built for electrical work.


Retain Knowledge of a Mature Workforce

As experienced workers retire, they take with them vast amounts of practical knowledge of your electrical assets. With budgets and the skilled trade shortage, e-WorkSAFE ensures that knowledge is retained and available to new employees and contractors.



Due Diligence standards referenced by regulatory bodies in Canada are rigorous and demand meticulous safety records. e-WorkSAFE automatically creates digital records of all electrical Job Safety Plans keeping your organization audit-ready with minimal effort.

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