Municipalities – Energized Electrical Work Permit (EEWP)

1.  What is an EEWP?

According to CSA Standard Z462, an EEWP is a document which captures:

    • Description of the work to be performed and electrical circuits involved,
    • Justification for performing the work live (or “energized”),
    • Results of Shock and Arc Flash Risk Assessments,
    • Authorizing management signature.


2.  When should Municipalities use an EEWP?

CSA Z462 states that an EEWP is required whenever work is to be performed on live (or energized) electrical circuits, with some exceptions:

    • Testing, troubleshooting or voltage testing,
    • Visual, thermography or ultrasound inspections if the restricted approach boundary is not crossed.


3.  What Should You Do?

  • Check that all staff and contractor electricians create Z462-compliant EEWPs prior to performing energized electrical work.
  • Confirm that a process is in place to have authorized management approval of all EEWPs
  • Confirm that all approved EEWPs are stored and accessible to prove compliance in case of audit or incident.

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